All our products have different SHIPPING TIMES (48hrs, 72hrs or more, depending on the type of product and distance). These times are carried out by the selected pquetry. The REAL SHIPPING time runs EXCLUSIVELY after this time published on each product, and is considered only from MONDAY to FRIDAY.

 Once the order is sent, it is the full responsibility of the parcel to comply with the times mentioned in the type of shipment that our CLIENT has chosen. Our CUSTOMERS can personally track your package at:



We are NOT responsible in case a delay is experienced by the parcel. However, we support your purchase and our CUSTOMER SERVICE staff will assist you in case of any inconvenience in the delivery of your order.

In case of any delay in the delivery or shipment of your order, it is the responsibility of our CLIENT to contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE department. We are at your service at 442 257 1098 ext 118 in Queretaro, you can also contact us through our email where we will quickly assist you. Or, we will contact you within a MAXIMUM period of 7 BUSINESS DAYS.