Terms and conditions of use

Steel & Trucks, SA de CV (commercial name and shortly thereafter S&T), informs users of the Terms and Conditions of use, which are applicable by simple use or access to the site www.steelandtrucks.com We understand that you accept them and agree to be bound in their compliance.


1. At the time of placing an order, the prices of the products will be respected, EXCEPT that some price is BAD CALCULATED by our system and / or personnel, and this variation is greater than 10% of the REAL price of the equipment. In that case we will contact our CLIENT to provide a suitable solution for both parties.

1.1. The prices of the products PUBLISHED by US in different mass media (mail, flyers, television, newspapers, magazines, etc.) will be respected EXCEPT that some price is BAD CALCULATED and this variation is greater than 10% of the REAL price of the team.

2. At the time of placing an order we reserve the right to separate the product or products ordered from our inventory. This will be done EXCLUSIVELY after receiving your payment or confirming your purchase.

3. Sometimes we need to send an order PARTIALLY, that is, with a missing one, which is sent immediately receiving the part from our suppliers. We choose this type of shipment using a very specific criterion and only in special cases, where we consider it to be a benefit for our CLIENT.

3.1. If there is a problem that requires a considerable time interval, our CUSTOMER SERVICE staff will contact our CLIENT within a MAXIMUM period of 7 BUSINESS DAYS, as the case may be.

4. Some of our products may bring in their packaging liquids and / or additional elements in order to maintain the quality of the product in such a way that the weather or causes beyond our reach damages the contained parts.

5. ALL our products are made with the materials specified in the description, made days before shipment.

6. All our products have different SHIPPING TIMES (48hrs, 72hrs or more, depending on the type of product and distance). These times are carried out by the selected pquetry. The REAL SHIPPING time runs EXCLUSIVELY after this time published on each product, and is considered only from MONDAY to FRIDAY.

7. Once the order has been sent, it is the full responsibility of the parcel to comply with the times mentioned in the type of shipment that our CLIENT has chosen. Our CUSTOMERS can personally track your package at:

· MEXICAN ESTAFETA: http://www.estafeta.com


7.1.1. We are NOT responsible in case a delay is experienced by the parcel. However, we support your purchase and our CUSTOMER SERVICE staff will assist you in case of any inconvenience in the delivery of your order.

8. In case of any delay in the delivery or shipment of your order, it is the responsibility of our CLIENT to contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE department. We are at your service at 442 257 1098 ext 118 in Queretaro, you can also contact us through our email Ventaenlinea@steelandtrucks.com where we will quickly assist you. Or, we will contact you within a MAXIMUM period of 7 BUSINESS DAYS.

9. In the event that any product is sold out at the time of receiving payment for an order, THE CUSTOMER WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED since the pieces can be produced in a relatively quick time.

9.1. The characteristics specified in the original part will be taken into account in the creation of the parts to be sent.

10. Orders will be sent EXCLUSIVELY to the address specified in the SHIPPING data notified by the order, EXCEPT orders with the shipping option: CLIENT GOES TO THE OFFICES.

11.-In all cases in which we are responsible for the repair of any damage, this repair will only be limited to the replacement of the damaged part and not to manufacturing costs, operating losses or any other damage (such as damage to third parties, damages of equipment etc.).


12. By tax provision, the invoice will be issued according to the data provided through the order. The billing date must match the date the payment was made. In case of not providing the RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry) of the person to whom it will be billed, the amount of VAT (Value Added Tax) cannot be separated, that is, it will be included in the total price of the products.

12.1. Our CLIENT may add different billing information to his account, however, only ONE invoice may be issued per order.

12.2. ONCE THE INVOICE IS DONE WITH THE DATA PROVIDED, NO CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS CAN BE MADE. By virtue of the above, we beg to verify very well the data to be billed before proceeding to place your order.


Any item purchased in S&T may be returned as long as it complies with the conditions established in these POLICIES, which apply to all our CLIENTS without exception.

13. Returns must be reported within a maximum period of 3 BUSINESS DAYS after receiving your order.

14. If there is a mistake in the article sent by S&T, our CUSTOMER should immediately contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE staff by email: ventaenlinea@steelandtrucks.com and call 442 2173255 ext 118 at the time of 9 : 00am to 6:00 pm from MONDAY to FRIDAY.

14.1. CASH REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE MADE when the product specifications are published INCORRECTLY on our page and this error is reported by our CLIENT within a maximum period of 1 BUSINESS DAY after receiving your order.

15. In a RETURN for any reason other than the one mentioned in the previous point, the piece will be exchanged for one of EQUAL or GREATER value (difference that our CLIENT must cover) and never one of LOWER value. If so, they must be two or more pieces, covering the amount paid for the piece that has been returned. In no case may a surplus remain in favor of the CLIENT.
16. Procedure for return in Queretaro:

In case the RETURN of the product proceeds, it must be brought to our offices in its ORIGINAL PACKAGE, including its ORIGINAL INVOICE. Please continue reading.

17. THE RETURN WILL NOT be possible when:

· The pieces are cut.

· Parts are modified or welded.

18. Return Charges

STEEL & TRUCKS will not make return charges except in the following cases:

· The product to be returned is reported after 3 BUSINESS DAYS of being received by the customer.

· The product is returned incomplete.

The charge in any of the previously mentioned cases will be 20% OF THE TOTAL VALUE OF THE PRODUCT WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The rest will be in favor of the client but it will NOT be REFUNDABLE, it can be applied in a new purchase or in a CREDIT NOTE.

20. Procedure for returns outside Queretaro:

Once your RETURN has been notified to our CUSTOMER SERVICE department by phone at 442 2571098 ext 118 and via email: ventaenlinea@steelandtrucks.com, you can send the piece using


In all cases in which we are responsible for the repair of any damage, this repair will only be limited to the replacement of the damaged part and not to manufacturing costs, operating losses or any other damage.

Fortuitous or Force Majeure Case:

In the event that any eventuality mentioned here or another of fortuitous event or force majeure occurs, we reserve the partial or total execution of any order until the eventuality or its effects have passed.

- Strikes that affect our company or our suppliers, fires, floods, unemployment or reduction of electricity.


The sales prices established by Steel & Trucks apply for the agreed conditions of sale and transport, in case these circumstances change, the sale price will be agreed again.


The ownership of the products made by S&T will be transmitted to the buyer until their cost has been fully paid, while S&T reserves ownership of them. The customer will respond to S&T for damages caused by not complying with payment obligations.

In case of lack of partial payment by customers, S&T will be able to cancel any other order made by said customer, prior notice of cancellation delivered to the plant or sent by fax, email ventaenlinea@steelandtrucks.com or courier 24 hours in advance.


Both S&T and the customer may terminate the contracts or purchase agreements, in advance and without prior judicial declaration, in case one of them is declared bankrupt, suspension of payments, bankruptcy or any other type Insolvency


Any dispute arising from the sales and / or delivery orders will be settled in the courts of the common order competent to hear in the city of Querétaro, Querétaro unless otherwise agreed or international standards of a mandatory nature.

In the case of clients whose domicile is located in the national territory, the legal concepts or interpretation established in Mexican law will be adhered to. Likewise, in the case of foreign clients, Mexican legislation will be met unless otherwise agreed or the application of mandatory international standards for S&T.


Once the customer receives this acknowledgment of the S&T conditions of sale, it will be understood that they have been accepted by him, except that in the three days following receipt they are rejected in writing. Therefore the start of the production process will begin after three days that your purchase order has been charged.